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Making of Klara Medkova

“Making of Medkova” by Fábio M. Silva Creating realistic human model 3D tutorial.

final Making of Klara Medkova

Some time ago several friends of mine who are enthusiasts of CGI kept asking me why I didn’t try modelling a realistic cg human being. Although I really like stylised yet complex characters, such as characters from Final Fantasy games or Blizzard Entertainment and Blur Studios cinematic characters, which was the kind of style I’ve been aiming o achieve in the majority of my cgworks(with of course, a personal touch to them) realism isn’t quite something that hadn’t occurred to me as well. I’m really happy with the results I got, and very proud of the reception this image has been receiving, even to be included on Ballistic’s Publishing Exotique 4. It makes me want to produce more realistic characters.

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Still, there’s a lot of more fantasy like images that I also need to create. But I’ll return to realism again eventually. Some people argue that realism is more difficult to achieve than a stylised look. In my opinion, be it either realistic or stylised or even anime or more towards the Pixar look, all these styles are difficult to achieve when you’re aiming to achieve them with a degree of high quality. It’s one of the good things about Cg I believe, there is quite a lot of different styles one might try, or even who knows, create a new one unseen. It’s very exciting from an artist viewpoint. .When this idea of a realistic character came up, I decided that I should include this realistic model in demoreel, thus it is why I’m spending more time on her than other artists would do if they were doing the model just for a still image. I need to make sure all edge loops are good, all mesh objects are made of quad polygons, and that they would deform well when rigged for animation. For the face, loops that would enable facial animation, and for the body, the joints. For the cloth, either modelled wrinkles or a mesh that is prepared for cloth simulation. Finally the hair, which has to be prepared for hair dynamics as well. In resume, it means this model, will not only look like this on the still image, but also in all kinds of situations(with a big hopefully in the middle lines ^_^), camera angles and lighting rigs. With all this in mind, I had to find a person to model after. Klara Medkova, the Czech supermodel came naturally as there were so many good pictures of her available. I bought the Dvd from Ballistic/3d.sk Ultimate Klara medkova dvd to get those good references, and I was ready to start.

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