Our models

Introducing our virtual modeling agency, a premier resource for artists and game developers seeking human references.

With an extensive collection of over 1 million photos and thousands of their body and head scans, we offer a diverse range of more than 5,000 characters for your computer games or art projects.

Within the PRO Photo Sets category, you'll discover over 1,000 meticulously captured men and women of different ages, races (including Asians, Blacks, Indians, Hispanics, and Europeans), and various body shapes. These images showcase a wide array of expressions, providing invaluable references for your creative endeavors.

In our Essential category Human Photo References, we proudly present a selection of over 4,000 individuals - characters whose photos have been contributing to our photobank for over 18 years. This comprehensive collection includes reference photos, body shots, intricate details of the head, hands, legs, and clothing. These high-quality references serve as ideal foundations for modeling and drawing in both your art and game projects.

Body scans, hand scans or head scan with their morphs? all from our models you will find in our 3D assets category here.