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Check out these free samples in high resolution. Our gallery contains Human and Animal references from the street and studio, photos of different clothes, shoes, historical and medieval costumes, premade head textures, low-poly 3D models, and videos of moving and daily activities. Try before you buy.

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Street 827 standing t poses whole body 0001.jpg
Street 826 standing t poses whole body 0001.jpg
Esme casual dress dressed sandals shoes standing t-pose whole body 0001.jpg
Clothes 245 leggings sports 0002.jpg
Leanne Lace casual dressed pink shorts sandals shoes standing white bodysuit whole body 0013.jpg
Street 817 standing t poses whole body 0001.jpg
Clothes 243 casual jeans shorts 0007.jpg
Wehrmacht y1936 Grossdutschland Division Uniform 3D Scan Of Body
Sarah bra panties standing underwear whole body 0005.jpg
Sarah bra panties standing underwear whole body 0003.jpg
Sarah bra panties standing underwear whole body 0001.jpg
Oris brown shoes business dressed grey trousers standing white shirt whole body 0002.jpg
Street 642 head 0002.jpg
Clothes 202 grey jeans 0007.jpg
Street references 608 head 0005.jpg
Street references 604 head 0006.jpg
Street references 603 bearded nose 0002.jpg
Street references 602 ear 0001.jpg
Lady Dee 2 Q front view head phoneme 0001.jpg
Lady Dee 2 flexing head side view 0002.jpg
Lady Dee 2 flexing front view head 0003.jpg
Lady Dee 1 arm back view flexing nude 0001.jpg
Lady Dee 1 nude side view walking whole body 0004.jpg
Lady Dee 1 nude sitting whole body 0002.jpg
Clothes 201 blue jeans skirt 0005.jpg
Lady Dee nude trunk upper body 0005.jpg
Lady Dee blue dress overall standing t poses whole body 0001.jpg
Lady Dee blossom top blue jeans skirt pink high heels standing t poses whole body 0005.jpg
Lady Dee blossom top blue jeans skirt pink high heels standing whole body 0010.jpg
Clothes 200 clothes of Garson grey shirt 0006.jpg
Garson grey shirt upper body 0002.jpg
Garson 1 sitting underwear whole body 0006.jpg
Garson 2 flexing front view head 0003.jpg
Street 601 nose 0001.jpg
Street 600 leg lower body 0001.jpg
Street 599 upper body 0001.jpg
Street 598 head 0002.jpg
Street 597 head 0002.jpg
Street 596 upper body 0002.jpg
Street 595 nose 0001.jpg
Street 594 standing t poses whole body 0001.jpg
Street 593 standing t poses whole body 0003.jpg
Costume 160 medieval upper body 0001.jpg
Costume 159 medieval upper body 0008.jpg
Preview Wendell 03
Preview Little Caprice 03
Preview Juliana 04
George 2 E frontview head phoneme 0001.jpg
Street 526 nose 0002.jpg
Head photo reference 2 0091 0004
Head photo reference 2 0093 0002
Soldier in American Army Military Uniform 0003
Tattoo of Little Caprice 0001
Eye of Little Caprice 0008
Tongue of Little Caprice 0001
Teeth of Little Caprice 0001
Head hair of Little Caprice 0001
Hand nude of Little Caprice 0003
Arm nude of Little Caprice 0006
Upper body nude of Little Caprice 0004
Whole body nude of Little Caprice 0039
Upper body in black underwear of Little Caprice 0002
Whole body colored dress white heels modeling t pose of Little Caprice 0008
Whole body colored dress white heels modeling t pose of Little Caprice 0001
Whole body white dress white heels of Little Caprice 0002
Whole body white dress white heels of Little Caprice 0001
Eye of Lucy Li 0003
Head of Lucy Li 0020
Hair of Lucy Li 0008
Whole body nude of Lucy Li 0001
Whole body pink shirt green skirt red shoes of Lucy Li 0009
Young man teenager nose reference 0001
Caucasian man head reference 0001
Nuclear sanitation man 0012
Flexing head reference of Willard 0002
Nuclear protective cloth 0002
Helicopter pilot uniform 0005
Kneeling reference of whole body pink dress purple tights black shoes Nadine 0001
Fireman vintage uniform 0015
Female head texture 0004
Phoneme reference of Sidney 0001
Young woman brunette head premade texture 0001
Young man head premade texture 0002
Whole body modeling reference blue jeans gray tshirt 0024
Teeth of bodybuilder Andrew 0001
Whole body blue tshirt light blue jeans modeling t pose of Andrew 0001
3D head scan of sneer emotion right - Alena
Phoneme reference of Norma  0007
Old man premade head texture 0002
Hawk 0023
Whole body underwear of Rebecca 0048
Arm texture of Dale 0001
Head texture of Dale 0001
Full body 3D scan of underwear Williard-1
Male head photo reference 0004
Clothes texture of Vratislav 0010
Old male 3D head scan
Nude female full body 3D scan
Head scan # 57
Raw 3D head scan of neutral emotion - Jan
Clothes 0023
Head moving photo reference of Regelio 0009
Whole body tshirt jeans reference 0013
Whole body tshirt jeans reference 0011
Whole body tshirt jeans reference 0009
Hand reference of Carrie 0002
Whole body modeling reference of Carrie 0001
Street references 0007
Skull Dog 0013
Eye texture of Teena 0014
Clothes texture of Teena 0009
Thumb texture of Denny 0002
Back texture of Denny 0004
Hair texture of Holly 0001
Knee texture of Elmer 0002
Skin texture of Moses 0003
Ear texture of Ron 0002
Underwear texture of Tabitha 0003
Jeans texture of Tabitha 0022
Weapon costume texture 0011
Nazi soldier costume texture 0053
Nazi soldier costume texture 0036
Thumb texture of Lorraine 0003
Nipple texture of Lorraine 0001
Eye texture of Lorraine 0009
Nose texture of Lorraine 0003
Underwear texture of Lorraine 0001
Neck texture of Latoya 0004
Leg texture of Latoya 0002
Belly texture of Lora 0001
Bra texture of Lora 0001
Shoes texture of Lora 0003
Finger texture of Issac 0004
Chest texture of Issac 0001
Body texture of Issac 0002
Breast texture of Meredith 0001
Underwear texture of Meredith 0001
Tattoo texture of Virgil 0004
Nipple texture of Virgil 0001
Leg texture of Virgil 0002
Head reference of Virgil 0042
Army night camouflage costume texture 0001
Ear texture of Gina 0003
Foot texture of Wendell 0007
Tattoo texture of Rex 0006
Forearm texture of Chelsea 0001
Body texture of Greg 0041
Belly texture of Betsy 0001
Kneeling reference of Betsy 0003
Head texture of Roger 0002
Clothes texture of Roger 0001
Belly texture of Cody 0001
Foot texture of Rosemary 0007
Leg texture of Della 0001
Panties texture of Della 0001
Dress texture of Della 0018
Ear texture of Jackie 0001
Skull photo reference 0026
Badger body photo reference 0007
Parachutist costume texture 0028
Policeman costume texture 0005
Whole body texture of street references 434 0001
Mouth texture of street references 428 0001
Prince costume texture 0009
Chest texture of Rufus 0001
Dress texture of June 0028
Dress texture of June 0002
Scar texture of Sheron 0001
Clothes texture of Gene 0005
Underwear texture of Heidi 0003
Helmet costume texture 0003
Head texture premade 0002
Oskar poses 0029
Street references 0074
Rozalia poses 0058
Rozalia 0129
Rozalia 0124
Irma poses 0032
Marianna poses 0019
Jindriska 0081
Klara 0332
Klara 0099
Norbert 0005
Norbert 0003
Norbert 0001
Stelie 0339
Army equipment 0041
Street 0106
Dog-Wolfhound 0027
Buzzard-Circus aerogynosus 0011
Ferret-Mustela eversmanni 0001
Anastazie 0091
Anastazie poses 0070
Dalibor poses 0050
Dalibor poses 0011
Zina 0146
Crab 0034
Beetles 0006
Model White Woman # 16
Goose # 3
Animal preserved
Barrandov # 69
Thyranosaurus 0068
Street References #
Rifle 0108
Adax poses 0048
Weapon 0195
Skeleton poses 0040
Skeleton 0009
Morion 0321
Medieval weapons 0021
Meat 0029
lada nude male 015
Jatka 0046
Jatka 0013
Bear 0013

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